About Me

Just being in the outdoors makes me happy — the more challenging the environment, the happier I am. My appreciation for nature and the animals that inhabit their niches in their microcosmic ecologies has been enhanced by my post graduation is applied biology.  And among the many creatures, the ones that fascinate me the most are reptiles

My work in the field of snake research, rescue and awareness has given me, first and foremost, inner satisfaction. Accolades, too, have flown my way from experts and organisations. Two of my exploration works have resulted in the first report of the Sindh Awl Headed snake and Kaulback’s pit viper from India.

Although I have conducted many awareness programs for children and adults, and have trained many interested people on snake conservation, I feel as if I’m still a student of this vast and immeasurable diverse natural world.

I didn’t know when but photography, which started off as a tool purely for for documentation of snakes, has now become an integral part of my life. When I am in the wilderness with my cameras, I feel at peace, clicking my dream frame image, while staying true to documenting facts as they are seen by the eyes.

The work displayed on this website represent my perspective towards my surroundings. I personally believe in sustainability, whether it is related to progress of mankind or related to exploitation of natural resources.  The challenges we face as a species in terms of dwindling resources an the increase in population, coupled with myopic or ad hoc conservation methods , are causing conflicts between us and nature.

An optimist, I still have faith in each of us who are trying our best to stanch this battle with so called progress to find that balance between our demands and extinction of our co-species living on this beautiful planet.
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