Snake Conservation

After many years of working on snakes, I wanted to bring out the below points through this website –

  • Collaborate and share knowledge for snakebite death mitigation in our country through various avenues.
  • To create knowledge data base and education material on snake conservation and make it available for researchers /educationists/conservationist and general public.
  • Standard treatment guideline for Snakebite Management, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India (Quick Reference Guide) Download here
  • WHO Snakebite Management Publication  Download here
    (This is very good publication for medical practitioners to understand complexities of Snake Bite management)
  • National Snakebite management protocol Download here
  • Basic care of snakes in case of injury by Dr. Anirudha Belasare Download here
    (This is for veterinarians only)
  • Some things to know that can be used for snake-bite awareness Download here
  • General presentation on snake awareness Download here

(Copyrights for all the papers are with the respective authors and publications)

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