Some useful banners and brochures for Nag-panchami awareness.

Please feel free to use them ,

1) Marathi Banner – Download now

2) Gujarati Banner – Download now

3) English Banner – Download now

4) Flex Board Banner 1 – Download now

5) Flex Board Banner 2 – Download now

6) Flex Board Banner 3 – Download now

7) Flex Board Banner 4 – Download now

8) A nice story written in Hindi for Nag-Panchami by Last Wilderness Foundation

Download now here or visit  Last Wilderness Foundation 



General helpful Papers/publications/presentations for snake conservations

1)WHO Snakebite Management Publication  Download here

( This is very good publication for medical practitioners to understand complexities of Snake Bite management )

2)National Snakebite management protocol Download here

3) Basic care of snakes in case of injury by Dr. Anirudha Belasare, Download here

( This is for veterinarians only )

4) Somethings to know and can be used for snake-bite awareness , Download here

5) General presentation on snake awareness, Download here


Some articles / Stories/ presentations on field work

1) My search for Berta in Arunachal Pradesh , Download here

2) Checklist of snakes of Mumbai , Download here


Scientific papers/notes on Herpetology

1) Report on Protobothrops Kaulbacki,  Download here

2)First report of Lytorhenchus paradoxus, Download here 

3) Sinonatrix, a new genus for India,  Download here

4)Occurence of Trimeresurus medoensis in India , Download here

5) On the taxonomic status of Uropeltis bacatenata, Download here