Ultapani – ‘Reverse waters’

I was on a small pathway inside a beautiful forest which was a little confusing to describe as I had crossed a patch of grassland and then into a riverine forest and later I was resting under the shadow of a huge buttress in a wet evergreen forest. The above lines were jotted in my field book while I was sitting there looking at the kaleidoscope of the late morning light through those high canopies.

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The Bottom Time

Nearly a quarter of a century back I had a dream of becoming a Mariner when I was an undergrad student doing my major in zoology. Two factors that were instrumental in leading me to that dream, one was my father who loved to swim in sea and collect shells   and the second was my

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I have been craned

It was, way back in 2002, when I started seriously looking up to sky for photography , before that my photography world was always looking down to my beloved snakes and reptiles, I had armed myself with Canon 400 mm, 5.6 lens, brought second hand from Fort market and went to Bharatpur to shoot some

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Fallen for waterfalls

Water always finds the way when it has a place to flow. It loves the earth, caresses it, covers it, jumps from it and then we get our streams, rivers and waterfalls!!! (Kondhavle falls at Bhimashankar, Maharshtra, India )   All the monsoon treks done during college days were always filled with experiences of different

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