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One year and still there!!!

Happiness If I have to write about my life of last one year, then I will probably say, “The man who sold his Scorpio”.  I do not have any intention of copying Robin Sharma’s motivation book, […]

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Dubious role of Ultrasonic devices as a snake repellent

There are multiple devices available internationally as “Home & Garden” snake  & rodent repellent devices. These devices work on the principle of utilising sonic wave sound and vibrations technology. As the sonic wave is emitted while […]

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The Polyvalent Scenario

Thanks to interests shown by many people in snakebite death mitigation and snake conservation,  tragedies and stories on snakebites  are being documented on social media quite regularly. The resulting discussions range from humanity, herpetological and […]

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The flying Colors !!!

“Hey, look here! Some white butterfly,” I called Vidya, and she replied, it may be one of the whites. Again I said, I know that it’s white but what is it, again comes the answer […]

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Be Aware & Make Aware – You can save a life!!!!

“Not again, not again” were the only words I could utter when Vishal Santra called to share the news of Chirag Roy losing his life as a result of snake envenomation at Tadoba. I knew […]

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The Rescue Paradox

  Recently I was in discussion with a friend about snake rescue and we just decided to pen down a list of snake friends in our knowledge that have died due to snakebites. In 30 […]

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The Bottom Time

Nearly a quarter of a century back I had a dream of becoming a Mariner when I was an undergrad student doing my major in zoology. Two factors that were instrumental in leading me to […]

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The Lost Frontier

Near Ranthambore, one of the famous national parks of India, on 6th June 2014, 7-year old son of Radheshyam, a Mogiya of Andoli Village in Chouth ka Barwara, got bitten by a snake on his […]

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I have been craned

It was, way back in 2002, when I started seriously looking up to sky for photography , before that my photography world was always looking down to my beloved snakes and reptiles, I had armed […]

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Fallen for waterfalls

Water always finds the way when it has a place to flow. It loves the earth, caresses it, covers it, jumps from it and then we get our streams, rivers and waterfalls!!! (Kondhavle falls at […]

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Chasing ‘Wild strawberries’

During my recent trip to Himachal Pradesh with a couple of friends, I managed to visit an offbeat area around Jalori pass.  Two days were full of foggy forests, running streams, blooming wild flowers and whistling thrushes […]

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Venom , Antivenom and Alternative medicines

I have been tagged, asked for comments, also mailed by friends asking about the Pinak tablet, the first Ayurveda antivenom medicine. I have great respect for Ayurveda and I believe it may be helpful as a […]

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Whistling Hunters

Dholes (Cuon alpinus) – Asiatic wild dogs, once found all over Asia is defending their existence in our Indian Jungles . India is the only remaining stronghold for them with some scatter populations in Nepal, […]

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Plan and execute , don’t worry about results

I was in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, near Chandrapur, all of last week and went on 8 safaris in the park. It was much like an 8-course meal, with amazing encounters — which served as […]

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How to shit in wild !!!!!

You all must be thinking, what is this guy writing? But frankly after going through some very challenging experiences, I thought I should write about it. This is not to make fun of it or […]

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Frozen world of Tsomoriri

I just returned from frozen lakes of Ladakh , I have been to Tso-moriri  nearly 6 times in 5 years and every time it surprises or rather shocks me with its beauty and difference. This […]

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How do you manage old stock of 35 mm slides ?

Started with cleaning of odd 1800-2000 slides , which were kept from those hundreds of   Fuji Sensia, Velvia and Provias , thought its very easy, scan and copy those which I want , and […]

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Agumbe – Rainforest

I wanted to visit Agumbe for so many years but the plan never materialized. This time it just happened over a long weekend.   Me, Vidya Venkatesh and Bhavna Menon, drove from Mumbai to Sirsi, […]

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Panna Tiger Reserve

Recently I visited Panna Tiger Reserve, in MP, to attend Capacity Building Workshop organized by  Last Wilderness  Foundation, Panna, in the central highlands of India is a pristine forest characterized by deep, rocky valleys and […]

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