Frozen world of Tsomoriri

I just returned from frozen lakes of Ladakh , I have been to Tso-moriri  nearly 6 times in 5 years and every time it surprises or rather shocks me with its beauty and difference.

ladakh2014-4328 copy

This time my visit to lake is still haunting me, frozen slabs of  ice, multiple geometric patterns on surface of frozen lake. Shades of  green , blue and yellow were scattered across the lakes with grey and white framework. Temperatures were around 20 below zero.

ladakh2014-4359 copy

Wind was entering from breaks in ice and creating little bit scary melody within the lake structure.  Different patterns of ice were created at different places with multiple forces of nature, wind, water and temperature.

ladakh2014-4230 copy

When I went to closeups, I could see amazing patterns on surface

ladakh2014-4358 copy


some abstract artist has drawn up these paintings

ladakh2014-4401 copy


ladakh2014-4124 copy


4 thoughts on “Frozen world of Tsomoriri”

  1. Hiii
    Few queries pls ..
    1. When did u visit the lake in winter for i wish to also see this aspect of tsomoriri
    2. Any specific location for only the korzok side is permitted for visitors .. so did u cross korzok and go further south or did u click near the village itself


    1. Hi Sumit, Extremely sorry for so much delay in reply. Have completely missed your post in travelling. I have visited Tso Moriri in Jan and Feb mostly. End of Feb and early March, have to return 3 times without reaching the lake due to heavy snow. I have been able to visit frozen Tso Moriri twice in last 7 years, once Mid January and second time Mid February. If you reach the lake then you can go around Karzok or the road opposite side of KarzoK which goes towards winter gathering of Changpas.

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