The Polyvalent Scenario

Thanks to interests shown by many people in snakebite death mitigation and snake conservation,  tragedies and stories on snakebites  are being documented on social media quite regularly. The resulting discussions range from humanity, herpetological and medical grounds to Alternative treatments and treatment protocols. The below writing is to present facts and open up a can […]

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The Rescue Paradox

  Recently I was in discussion with a friend about snake rescue and we just decided to pen down a list of snake friends in our knowledge that have died due to snakebites. In 30 minutes we could come up with 29 names, there may be additions to this list if we start researching on

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The Lost Frontier

Near Ranthambore, one of the famous national parks of India, on 6th June 2014, 7-year old son of Radheshyam, a Mogiya of Andoli Village in Chouth ka Barwara, got bitten by a snake on his face. Typical of Indian rural scenario, he was taken to the local temple and kept there. Fortunately the venom injected

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